This car! What can't I say about this car? This is what started it all. My first car. My first real passion as an enthusiast and, more than likely, the most expense hobby a young kid could ever have.

As a high school student movie tickets seemed expensive but this car took expensive to a new level for me. All in all, I had about 11K in this car from start to finish. That doesn't even include a purchase price because, well, there wasn't one. This 325 was handed down to me from my parents. Quite the investment.

I loved every second of this car. The 325 taught me so much about cars, styles, the industry and true german engineering.

This car holds more meaning because my father and I did nearly all maintenance, service, custom mod and suspension together in our tiny, two car garage. Yes, it's as cliche as it sounds, but the 325 fueled the light of the bond I have with my father and the enthusiasm for the the automotive industry and BMW in particular.

Without a doubt, of any car I've had or will have, I wish I still had this one!

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