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Smart Finance Transformations

This week, Dan is sitting down with Michael Johnson and Manuel Azuara, Managing Principals at Bridgepoint Consulting. Together, they are talking about the future of Bridgepoint, their advice on how to build smart financial roadmaps, and how planned transformation can lead to manageable growth.

How to Lead Through a Crisis

This week, Dan is joined by Bridgepoint Consulting’s Director of Technology, Vijay George and Manuel Azuara, Bridgepoint Managing Principal, is back to discuss how to lead through crisis. From how to prepare as best as possible as an organization, to how to lead with compassion Vijay and Manuel share what they have learned over the years that can help guide companies and organizations through unexpected obstacles.

Managing Data, Risk, and Security

In this episode, we are joined by John Patrick, an IT Risk & Compliance Manager at Bridgepoint Consulting, Kate Williams a Risk Assurance Manager at Maxwell Locke & Ritter, and Jessica Hamilton, CFO at ActiveProspect. Together they talk about how companies are using data, as well as how new laws are changing how data must be managed. From how you lead your IT team, to planning through changing regulations, tech leaders must be on top of all of it.