First 'real' car. That was the Jetta. This wasn't a hand-me-down like the 325. This was 100% all me. I wanted something a little more luxurious and less 'show-car'.

I got connected to a great group of guys who started a crew called UBERdubs. Naturally, a VW was in the works. After a short search, I landed my red 2001, VR6 5-speed. Purchasing online was easy, but was a seriously scary moment spending all that money, site unseen, for my first car. Luckily, it turned out to be a beautiful car for me and was delivered from Texas.

Ironically, I actually ended up taking this car to more car shows than I did with my 325. This was in large part due to my connection with UBERdubs. We traveled a lot to shows, gatherings and automotive functions and the Jetta was always along for the ride! At the time I was a student in college and had a huge passion for the industry; it couldn't have gotten much better!

I'll just say that the majority of my driving skills came from those few years. I took a lot of chances and found out what cars were truly designed to do!

The mods were completed with a dialing in of the suspension, simple wheel set up and a few cosmetic items in the interior. However, I was forced with a tough decision: fix the wounded cam-shafts, or look to move on. It was certainly a hard choice, but I just felt at that moment I was not financially ready for a 3K maintenance bill.

The decision was made...

That's when I set my sites on the next stop of my life-long automotive journey that was just getting started... an A4 quattro.

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