我们与高管团队合作,专注于财务, risk and technology leaders—to provide strategic resources and support critical business transitions. 了解我们的客户和行业.

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我们是企业高管及其领导团队值得信赖的合作伙伴, providing a broad range of expertise and resources for short-term projects or long-term engagements that support finance, 技术和遵从性.


我们帮助企业家和初创公司, 以及那些正在经历高速增长的国家, 为财务和运营的可扩展性和成功建立成功的基础.


We partner with private equity and venture capital firms and their portfolio companies to provide a variety of support services to maximize the value of the investment – from pre-acquisition deal support to exit strategies.


我们帮助公共部门支持他们的选民, 改善系统, 流程, 控制环境,同时解决与财务相关的挑战, 操作和监管要求.


We are also a trusted partner to stakeholders in which we support the mutual interests of their clients.

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We partner with CPA firms to support their clients with audit preparation – and by providing additional finance and IT resources or expertise during critical transitions or transactions.


我们提供临时, 在客户的关键转换或事务期间的永久或专门角色. 在高风险的情况下,我们也是值得信赖的顾问, 包括重组, 调查, 纠纷, 网络犯罪, 专家证词和复杂的主张.


我们与金融机构合作,为他们的客户提供临时支持, 关键转换或事务期间的永久或专门角色. We also work with distressed borrowers and lenders to protect and maximize their interests in difficult business situations.


我们支持受托人进行财务或业务监督和改进, 包括管理复杂的调查, 纠纷, 和危机的情况下.


增长和变化可能是破坏性的. We help organizations navigate and adjust so they can keep moving forward and achieve strategic benchmarks. 一个公司是否正在经历高速增长, a transaction or an operational transformation–we assemble the right combination of expertise to ensure success.




Our Finance Department was mostly new at Summit after relocating corporate headquarters to 奥斯丁 and we implemented new IT systems. We partnered with Bridgepoint Consulting’s highly experienced team and were able to improve our SOX program maturity and report effective internal controls over financial reporting.

保罗·鲁伊斯 首席会计官,顶峰酒店物业

Bridgepoint改进了我们的整个财务流程,尤其是预测和预算. 他们对成为我们业务中真正的合作伙伴的态度, 同时积极影响开支, 绝对是让人耳目一新. Engaging Bridgepoint has been far more cost effective than bringing in a full time 首席财务官 or Controller.

克莱顿·克里斯托弗 Deep Eddy Vodka联合创始人

The Bridgepoint 风险 team is amazing, and hands down the best consultants I have ever worked with! 他们总是敏锐的,尖锐的,可靠的,生产高质量的工作. 我真的把他们当成了我的合作伙伴.

艾莉森·乌尔里希 Sailpoint公司内部审计总监

Bridgepoint倾听我们的需求,为工作提供正确的资源. 他们的专业知识使我们能够提高我们的服务交付能力的标准.

凯文·卡佩尔 Plains All American Pipeline内部审计副总裁

The Bridgepoint professionals on this engagement were the single biggest reason for the efficient and successful completion of our SOX 404 testing.

达德利D. 霍桑,小. 德州设施农业信贷银行SOX合规业务连续性主管

Bridgepoint在帮助我们制定成功计划方面做得很好. We believe their help will be invaluable in achieving our goal of building a major national beverage brand.

埃德·吉布森 首席执行官,奥斯汀Eastciders

We’ve relied on the highly skilled consultants from Bridgepoint to supplement our team during our preparations for the IPO as well as ongoing as we prepare to become fully SOX compliant. Their team consistently delivers the specialized expertise that we need to supplement our existing staff on key projects.

詹妮弗•哈里斯 首席财务官,第二季

Bridgepoint一直是(我们公司的)SOX计划成功的关键因素. 他们带来了, 并继续带来, expertise in compliance along with offering practical solutions when we identified challenges. 此外, we partnered with Bridgepoint during our implementation of a new ERP system and without them we would not have met our timeline nor would we have fully understood the ERP’s capabilities. Bridgepoint是我们的合作伙伴.

生物制药公司 首席财务官

The pressure controls division achieved its first positive EBITDA in February of 2021 and break-even cash flow. 自2008年以来,这种情况从未发生过. Bridgepoint was a true partner during the division carve out and provided exemplary services during the ERP and IT implementation!

私人股本的客户 主席

WOW, we cannot say how much we appreciate the work Bridgepoint and our consultant completed for us. 我们有超过12项需要认真关注的要求, 对业务的理解, 并全面实施操作. 这些要求按时交付,而且效果非常好.

杰基Meshell PeopleAdmin

Bridgepoint改进了我们的整个财务流程,尤其是预测和预算. 他们对成为我们业务中真正的合作伙伴的态度, 同时积极影响开支, 绝对是让人耳目一新.

肯Kieley gravant, Inc .首席财务官.

“Bridgepoint Consulting has been a great strategic partner and instrumental in many areas of our business—from helping us improve 会计 流程 for the CPRIT grant to enabling us to undergo a successful IPO. 我们已经与Bridgepoint建立了良好的关系,并继续利用他们的专业知识.”

艾伦Fuhrman 首席财务官的microrna的

Bridgepoint has been instrumental in helping COBB extend the functionality of our NetSuite platform to improve our business operations and reporting. They have enabled us to consolidate all major business 流程 within or through NetSuite–something we could not have achieved on our own.

杰夫•约翰逊 首席财务官、柯布调优

Bridgepoint项目团队是一个拥有“超级明星”的“梦之队”.“在Bridgepoint的帮助下, our department was able to effectively implement our projects on time and well ahead of other city departments. 没有他们,我们不可能成功.

公共部门的客户 IT部门主管

为Versant Health Inc .实现NetSuite. 是一个伟大的成就,真正帮助我们的业务向前发展吗. 与Bridgepoint的合作使这一过程更易于管理, as they were a great resource to collaborate with and help execute the plans we had on paper. Their flexibility and willingness to assist every step of the way made for a successful launch!

迈克尔。鲍尔 Versant Health的财务系统经理

We were experiencing significant changes in our leadership shortly after implementing a new corporate ERP system, 就在我们年终的时候. Bridgepoint团队成为我们的合作伙伴——总是提供强大的, consistent team with the right people and expertise we needed to keep the business running smoothly and deliver results for our stakeholders. From helping us fill key leadership positions and implement new systems to manage our rapid growth, 支持我们通过尽职调查程序, Bridgepoint was instrumental in helping us consummate a major sale of the business to a new private equity firm.

私人股本的客户 副总裁,控制,能源公司

当你选择合作伙伴的时候, 最重要的事情之一是有人曾经在那里做过. We had no experience with the NetSuite platform and Bridgepoint was crucial in helping us translate our technology and our business model into the NetSuite platform.

4月喝 首席财务官,WP引擎

我对Bridgepoint团队的工作非常满意. 他们的建议具有战略意义,经过深思熟虑. 我还会把它们用于未来对医疗保健的技术洞察.

斯科特Ellyson 首席财务官、强化医疗

The Bridgepoint Consulting team did a great job of taking the time to understand our requirements fully. It was clear that they tested the code extremely well, as the changes post go-live were minor. 我很感激,因为这个项目没有成功, 我们很可能不得不回到旧的系统来度过假期.

克里斯汀•摩根 Right stuff的副总裁

这些年来,我发现了Bridgepoint的最大区别, 是他们有深吗, 在许多不同领域有丰富的行业知识. 以及强大的金融实力, 会计, IT functional and technical expertise at many different levels across early stage companies to mid-stage companies to large, 上市公司. 我总是能从Bridgepoint得到非常稳定、高质量的员工.

布莱恩·戈德堡 Skinny Pop Popcorn的首席财务官